So if you were my Secret Senna, I will curse USPS with you. Because this is how things arrived:


I didn’t black out the name because, yeah, they didn’t have the name. Or the return address. Resulting in some brief confusion. And it says “8lbs 5.8oz” but, uh, yeah. That’s a flatpack mailer. And it definitely was not 8lbs.

But enough of that, let’s get to the contents that did arrive!

You know what’s better than fine art? FUNCTIONAL fine art! And bottle openers that won’t break! And yes, that’s a WK! I’m gonna tell everyone that’s what I do with my Jeep now, instead of the truth! ;) Alas, if you left a note or anything, it too has disappeared into the ether on the second or third repacking of this package.

Thanks, Secret Senna, whoever you are!